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Adaptatech Limited

Unit 2, Bell Industrial Estate
Cunnington Street
London, W4 5HB

T: 020 8987 6161
F: 0870 458 2659

E: info@adaptatech.co.uk


3.5" Disk Disc MAC or IBM Compatible Duplication

• We still support all forms of legacy floppy disc duplication
• We currently have a range of automated equipment that will duplicate 3.5 and 5.25 inch disks
• All volumes supported from ten copies to hundreds of thousands of copies
• All media used is of duplication grade and is qc verified
• Masters and random copies are verified and multi virus checked
• Mono or colour labels printed and applied or on-body screenprinted
• Packaging and distribution of your final product , using both national and international
delivery networks
• Have worked with schools, universities and government bodies
• Let us know the format type and number of copies required and we will confirm the price
and delivery time
• Fast rush services available
• Also support 5.25" (5") floppy disk formats

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