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Other Media - Video & Data
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Other media formats Adaptatech Limited can copy, duplicate, convert, clone, , dub, transfer. Please call us to discuss you project.

Video Formats we can clone, dub, transfer, duplicate

HD-CAM / HDCAM Read / Write (can output from files)
HDV Read and write
FCP MOV FILE FORMATS (Final Cut Pro to tape and other formats)
Digital8 Video 8, Hi8 (PAL and NTSC)
DigiBeta - Sony Digital Betacam PAL Read Write Output
Digibeta - Sony Digital Betacam NTSC Read Write Output
Betacam SP (525 & 625)
Philips Lazer disc (laser disk)
Umatic (PAL, NTSC)
DV tape (Mini DV) DVcam DVC PRO
2" Quad 525 and 625
1" B and C Format (PAL)
D1, D2, D3, D5 Formats in PAL and NTSC
Philips Lazer (laser Disk)
Video Duplication VHS - PAL, SECAM, NTSC with full colour labels packaging including A300 and A400 cases
VHS Tapes/Cassettes (all minute lengths)
(Macrovision enabled if required)

Data Formats


DLT III - DLTIIIXT - DLTIV - DLT2000 - DLT2000XT - DLT4000 - DLT8000 - DLT1 - DLTVS80 - SDLT 220 - SDLT 320 - Super DLT formats
SLR1 SLR2 SLR5 SLR32 and MLR media most drives made by Tandberg
LTO1 LTO2 LTO3 LTO4 Ultrium

Syquest 44MB, 88MB, 200MB, Syjet Sparq formats for MAC and PC
4mm DAT DDS DDSC DDS2 DDS3 DDS4 and 8mm Exabyte 112m and 160m
Mammoth SONY AIT and AIT2

Optical 3.5" 128MB, 230MB, 640MB,
Optical 5.25" 650MB, 1.3GB, 2.6GB, 5.2GB

CD-R 74min
CD-R 80min
CD-R Credit Card (different types)
DVD-VIDEO (Macrovision enabled if required)
DVD-ROM (Copy protected if required)
DVD-R Authoring 3.95GB and 4.7GB (Pioneer S201)
DVD-R General / Video 4.7GB
DVD+R General / Video 4.7GB
DVD-RAM 2.6GB 5.2GB 4.7GB 9.4GB

Audio Cassettes (all minute lengths) C60 C90 C120 etc...

3.5"DSHD DSDD 720k 1.4MB 2.8MB DISK DISC
5.25" DSDD 48tpi 96tpi DSHD DISC DISC

3.5" Disk Disc MAC or IBM Compatible Duplication

• We still support all forms of legacy floppy disc duplication
• We currently have a range of automated equipment that will duplicate 3.5 and 5.25 inch disks
• All volumes supported from ten copies to hundreds of thousands of copies
• All media used is of duplication grade and is qc verified
• Masters and random copies are verified and multi virus checked
• Mono or colour labels printed and applied or on-body screenprinted
• Packaging and distribution of your final product , using both national and international
delivery networks
• Have worked with schools, universities and government bodies
• Let us know the format type and number of copies required and we will confirm the price
and delivery time
• Fast rush services available
• Also support 5.25" (5") floppy disk formats


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