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Duplication or Replication Services
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We offer a wide range of duplication or replication services (copying, replication, manufacturing processes, etc.) to cover all needs and timeframes.

Choose Duplication Service if quantities are under 500 units or if you need 500 or more done in a very short turnaround time.

Choose Replication Service if quantities are over 500 units and you have around 8-12 working days to get project done.

We can receive your master in any of the formats below (or if necessary re-master), then duplicate any number of copies. We can then print on-body, package and despatch to your clients, colleagues or prospects.

Let us know what you can give us as your master. This could either be a final CD, DVD, BD-R, USB stick or you could provide us with some file or tape assets and we could encode, author or program your master. We shall then send you back a CD-R, DVD-R,
BD-R, USB or memory card for you to approve. Please supply your final artwork for the ondisc print and any packaging. If you need help with this please let us know as we do offer a basic design service which can help make sure your final product looks good.


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