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Adaptatech Limited

Unit 2, Bell Industrial Estate
Cunnington Street
London, W4 5HB

T: 020 8987 6161
F: 0870 458 2659


DVD Duplication
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DVD Duplication Service (standard 12cm, mini 8cm or credit card size)
(also we can duplicate DVD+R media if required)


Please note the industry standard is DVD-R due to a better all round playability. We also offer a DVD Dual layer option with is the same a DVD9 when you go to press.


• We recommend our DVD-R duplication services for quantities of 0-500 or if a quick turnaround is needed we can do 1000's.

• Your DVD-R master content will be burned onto DVD-R's 4.7GB format if it fits
• Most runs are turned around within 1 to 3 working days, but can be done in hours if necessary, for smaller runs or if artwork for disc sent in advance.
• Depending on artwork, finish and quantity we either inkjet, screen or litho your media
• If artwork for ondisc print and packaging is sent before master this can speed up the whole process
• Artwork is printed directly onto the DVD media and then duplicated and verified
• Expert knowledge in ensuring masters are suitable for duplication
• Wherever possible, we test your master on a range of DVD players and computers playback programs.
• Full range of packaging products available
• Quality control is our main priority
• We always aim to complete on time and within budget
• Nationwide and international distribution services
• Working towards an ISO quality control procedure
• Based in West London.


Please call Adaptatech to discuss your next DVD Duplication job. We offer a great service and can be as flexible as possible to help get your job done to your timescales.


See our DVD authoring Service for any help with your mastering.


If you need 1000's of DVD copies please see our DVD Replication Service

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