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Adaptatech Limited

Unit 2, Bell Industrial Estate
Cunnington Street
London, W4 5HB

T: 020 8987 6161
F: 0870 458 2659


DVD Replication

DVD-Video / DVD-ROM Replication Services

Also known as pressed or manufactured. This is done by making a glass master and then making stampers. This method is used when you need to make 500 or more DVD's.

DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, DVD18 formats (standard 12cm size or 8cm mini DVD)

DVD has become an important format for both the film and computer industry although Blu-Ray is now taking over in the capicity and quality war.
• We press either DVD5, DVD9, DVD10 or DVD18
• Accept masters on either DVD-R General, Plant Direct Image files, DVD-R Authored Media along with all DLT media (even DLT1, VS80 or SuperDLT SDLT)
• We can offer pre-mastering work and have the ability to remaster from your
General to a DLT or Authored DVD, we sometime even take you PAL project and standards convert and re-author to NTSC although taking in original tapes is preferred.
• Free tips and advice given over the phone when making your master
• Expert knowledge in ensuring masters are suitable for duplication and replication.
• Wherever possible, up-to-date virus checking is performed before duplication
• Quality control is our main priority
• We always aim to complete on time and within budget
• Artwork service available, including film and colour proofing
• A full range of packaging products available, DVD Cases, Adaptapak, Digipacks, StudPacks, Slims, Thinpaks, Card wallets, clear wallets Paper wallets etc..
• We can offer both national and international distribution services
•Working towards an ISO quality control procedure
• Based in West London.


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