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CD-ROM Programming

CD-ROM is a very safe way of presenting data and video to any Desktop. When you really aren't sure what your target audience has but you want to be sure they can see your PDF files, Powerpoint Presentations, Video Clips, Word docs etc.. its always best to send a CD-ROM. (DVD and USB stick also available)

Adaptatech can build front end screens that will make it easier for the user to click on parts they want to watch or read. We realise that there are some older PC based systems so we will try and program and encode your videos to make sure they will work.

We can build front end programs in Director, Flash, HTML, PDF and others by request.
Your CD if requested can be PC and MAC compatible (hybrid CD).

Adaptatech programs many Conference CD-ROMS which always have very tight deadlines. We normally pre-program and then drop in the additional presentations when they arrive at the last minute. We then make a master and duplicate ready for you to hand out at the end or during the conference. (This can also be done on USB stick or DVD if required).

Rush 24hour turnaround and working over the weekend is always and option if your project demands a tight turnaround.

• Professional CD Programming for front end screens which activate your files
• Mastering Autorun PC and Open Window MAC CD-ROMS (known as Hybrid CD's)
• Compatibility Checks with operating systems
• Exhibition and Art gallery presentations with your photos and videos
• Front end program written for your product
• Encryption of your data if required

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