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Adaptatech Limited

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Cunnington Street
London, W4 5HB

T: 020 8987 6161
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DVD Duplication
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DVD-R Duplication Services (standard 12cm, mini 8cm or credit card size)
(also we can duplicate DVD+R media if required) Please note the industry standard is DVD-R due to a better all round playability. We also offer a DVD Dual layer option with is the same a DVD9 when you go to press.

• We recommend our DVD-R duplication services for quantities of 0-500 or if a quick turnaround is needed we can do 1000's.
• Your DVD-R master content will be burned onto DVD-R's 4.7GB format if it fits
• Most runs are turned around within 1 to 3 working days, but can be done in hours if necessary, for smaller runs or if artwork for disc sent in advance.
• Depending on artwork, finish and quantity we either inkjet, screen or litho your media
• If artwork for ondisc print and packaging is sent before master this can speed up the whole process
• Artwork is printed directly onto the DVD media and then duplicated and verified
• Expert knowledge in ensuring masters are suitable for duplication
• Wherever possible, we test your master on a range of DVD players and computers playback programs.
• Full range of packaging products available
• Quality control is our main priority
• We always aim to complete on time and within budget
• Nationwide and international distribution services
• Working towards an ISO quality control procedure
• Based in West London.


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